Saturday, March 13, 2010


In using the spoon, he holds it in his right hand like the fork. In eating cereal or dessert, he may be allowed to dip the bowl of the spoon toward him and eat from the end, but in eating soup he must dip his spoon away from him—turning the outer rim of the bowl down as he does so—fill the bowl not more than three-quarters full and sip it, without noise, out of the side (not the end) of the bowl. The reason why the bowl must not be filled full is because it is impossible to lift a brimming spoonful of liquid to his mouth without spilling some, or in the case of porridge without filling his mouth too full. While still very young he may be taught never to leave the spoon in a cup while drinking out of it, but after stirring the cocoa, or whatever it is, to lay the spoon in the saucer.

A very ugly table habit, which seems to be an impulse among all children, is to pile a great quantity of food on a fork and then lick or bite it off piecemeal. This must on no account be permitted. It is perfectly correct, however, to sip a little at a time, of hot liquid from a spoon. In taking any liquid either from a spoon or drinking vessel, no noise must ever be made.

"In Eating Soup The Child Must Dip His Spoon Away From Him—turning The Outer Rim Of The Spoon Down As He Does So...."


"In Being Taught To Use Knife And Fork Together, The Child Should At First Cut Only Something Very Easy, Such As A Slice Of Chicken...."


"Having Cut Off A Mouthful, He Thrusts The Fork Through It, With Prongs Pointed Downward And Conveys It To His Mouth With His Left Hand. He Must Learn To Cut Off And Eat One Mouthful At A Time.


"When No Knife Is Being Used, The Fork Is Held In The Right Hand, Whether Used 'Prongs Down' To Impale The Meat, Or 'Prongs Up' To Lift Vegetables."


"Bread Should Always Be Broken Into Small Pieces With The Fingers Before Being Buttered."


"When He Has Finished Eating, The Child Should Lay His Knife And Fork Close Together, Side By Side, With Handles Toward The Right Side Of His Plate...."









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