Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vintage Candy on sale Yummy!


BIT –O-HONEY via Olivander

Seems that candy that was made back in 1847 may still be alive and healthy! After I reading that
Md. Shop Offers Vintage Candy Dating Back To 1847, I just started remembering all the candy brands I loved when I was little and that now don’t exist anymore. An example of this is Piratas, something that could only be bought through a special machine outside some grocery stores. These machines were very popular and now they look completely different: sandwiches, bounty, nestle chocolates, gatorade, etc… nothing to do with the Piratas, the Adam’s of those times, and some liquorice sweets that are not here to taste anymore.
Sugus is a brand that has been over years and still is popular, as well as chewing gum Boobaloo, Nena, and the super famous Peta Zetas from the 80s!

Oh, and I can’t forget Chupa Chupps, which was imagined by a Spanish guy who showed the idea here and nobody cared… until he became so famous in the US with his brilliant candy idea and now it’s something we taste like children do.






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