Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Poll: What time do you belong to?

I was reading an article that speaks about Ditta Von Tyssen and I know the pinup style doesn’t fit me well. I mostly prefer the 20s , its fashion and the flapper era. But at times, I can also feel that I would why not could be living in the 1900s, those times filled with art, culture, expeditions and marvelous perfume creations.

So, I was thinking why not write about this as a poll? This is a great way to know your likes, what times you really love most and perhaps seeing these images those who wonder will finally get an idea of what times they really feel to fit in.

So here are some images, randomly selected. Just choose one (or two) that will let us know what times, what old and not so old times you really love.

I made a selection starting with the 1900s. I could go further back but perhaps this will be posted on another article, only to show a certain time, let’s say the Victorian and Edwardian era.

So, here are the pictures. Chose the one or two photos that make you feel good as if you were precisely in the photo.

Let’s start with 1800s









(btw, she reminds me of Madonna)












Make your choice!


Image Credits:

Victorian Lady Preparing Her Bath ca. 1890s /Bettman

Woman Dress as Virgin Mary © Alinari Archives/ 1895 – 1900

French Ballet Dancer Wearing Feather Plume 1900-1910 © Alinari Archives

Model Alden Gay Wearing Cartier Jewelry 1924 © Condé Nast Archive

Woman in Satin Crepe Suit 1934 © Condé Nast Archive

Designer Charles James 1948 © Condé Nast Archive

Model Suzy Parker with flowers 1956 © Genevieve Naylor

1960s Woman Dancing In White Fringed Halter Top Mini-Dress Skirt And Go-Go Boots  April 21, 1965 © H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock

Nan Kempner  ca. January 1974 © Condé Nast Archive

Marc Jacobs Runway Show Fall 1986 © Condé Nast Archive

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