Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Classic and Eternal Actor: Ben Gazzara (1930-2012)


Ben Gazzara, image by Corbis

Ben Gazzara, a very well respected actor, a fighter I must say as well, according to what he went through during his lifetime, including depression, and lately cancer, has left us but not the fantastic world of magic and eternity that is the world of films, where his imprint will forever stay as a proof of someone who had always loved his own career, and his fellow actors and actresses. He was born in 1930 and was an avid listener, collecting since his childhood other people’s emotions, and making of him a sponge in regards to expressing situations. He wrote an autobiography, and spoke about his loneliness when he was a child, and his need to be surrounded by people and celebrations. He joined a group of acting students, and the first applause from the audience made him feel the happiest man in the world. Although a good student, after graduating he dedicated his career to acting. He then would continue learning, taking lessons in different studios, including the Actor’s Studio, developing his actor skills and working as such, notably in television, either movies or tv series. His friend John Casssavetes, along with Peter Falk, let Gazzara get involved in the script for Husbands (1970), a film of great success. Since then, the three actors would be involved in other movies. The friendship that sprung while making movies never faded away, and proved that the movie industry doesn’t always have to be lame and cold.

A world traveler, he had a house in Italy, where he lived and loved living in. Italy was his ancestors’ land and he felt at home when living in thee.

In 2005, Ben Gazzara was honored by the San Sebastian Film Award, for his dedication to the film and television industry.

My mother has always loved watching Ben Gazzara acting. In fact it was her who made me know this great actor.

Ben Gazzara, Rest In Peace.



Ben Gazzara 2

John Cassavetes and Ben Gazzara

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