Monday, February 13, 2012

Vintage Valentine’s

Every year on Valentine’s I just received a phone call from a far distance. Then, I waited for the roses to come, and then I looked at the vintage images that took me to my mornings in a Caribbean island where an old lady would explain me the meaning of St. Valentine’s and I would listen mesmerized while she would prepare coffee and milk for us to have with breakfast. And missing the company of my companion I now don’t have to, but yet these memories that are of longing for the beloved one become as well nostalgic and filled with love from friends and acquaintances. I want to include here Tom, if you know what I mean, I remember the “At least Tom loves you” for Valentine’s! :D

Thus I agree that Valentine’s is also a day for friendship, as I miss those times as well. The lovely Valentine’s without my Valentine. Tomorrow I will receive roses, love cards, and we will have a romantic dinner. At last, after all this time, my first Valentine’s as it should be. Happy Valentine’s and Happy Friendship Day!

Here is a collection of images that I loved sharing on a day like today:






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