Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Military Courtesy

The origin of Military Courtesy dates back to the Order of Knighthood in the eleventh century. Although, to give the devil his due, it is said that the Knights inherited this virtue from the Germanic Tribes. When the prospective Knight went to his training camp he was only seven to nine years old, and instead of spending two or three months in training, he devoted about twelve years to perfecting himself in the arts of a soldier. During this time he was called not a "cadet" or "candidate" but a "novice" in chivalry. He was taught skill in arms, fearlessness, truth and honor, and last but not least -courtesy. He was trained to be chivalrous to women, kind and gentle to the aged, weak, and infirm. When the novice proved himself to be a gentleman and a soldier and to be worthy of his commission, he as "dubbed" a Knight. He then promised to be loyal, to protect women, children, the aged and the infirm, never to lie or utter slander, and to live in harmony with his equals.

MILITARY COURTESY, BY Major Theodore L. Bailey, USA, 1919

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